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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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Dialogue and cooperation with the community

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8.1 Eroski's solidarity

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8.1.1 Management focus

As followers of the guidelines of the United Nations Organisation, the Fundación Eroski Solidarity Programme falls within the framework of the former's Millennium Development Goals for 2015, proclaimed in 2000. We therefore carry out programmes aimed at ending the external debt of disadvantaged countries, organising a balanced international trade structure and providing development aid.

Diagnoses of training needs and personalised training plans are carried out on the basis of a classification of job positions by the Job Position Evaluation Committee.

The Fundación Eroski spreads its efforts in this area between:

  • Social actions, via collaboration agreements with the tertiary sector.
  • Awareness-raising campaigns aimed at workers, consumers and friends of the Fundación (an activity already described in earlier chapters).
  • The awarding of grants and aid for research in the fields of bioethics and the company, nutrition and health and food safety.
  • International cooperation aid which, in addition to the Product Donation Programme, involves making contributions for the promotion of cooperatives, fair trade and skills training for vulnerable populations. The projects may include direct involvement in poor countries or awareness-raising, mobilisation and development education in industrialised ones.
Development Contributions
(amounts allocated) 2005 2006
Total Social Action 1.860.317 euros 1.756.000 euros
International Development Cooperation Programmes (organised annually) 97.000 euros 62.034,50 euros
Product Contribution programme 804.247 euros 601.012 euros
Donated foods (Food Bank) 159.298 Kg. 220.275 Kg.
Amounts allocated for study scholarships and research grants (organised annually) 18.000 euros 36.000 euros

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