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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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Our vocation: you

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3.3 Access channels

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3.3.1 Innovation: Internet

We have always adapted our different businesses in line with the emergence of new technologies, increasing the scope of online purchases of supermarket goods, insurance and travel products.

Our online supermarket offers all the advantages of price and quality without leaving home, with the possibility of returning products and choosing the delivery timeframe.

Our online supermarket offers all the advantages, price and quality without leaving home, with the possibility of returning products and choosing the delivery timeframe.

Five years of growing activities in the Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja, Cantabria and Asturias have justified the extension of the Grupo Eroski's online shopping system to new parts of Spain. In 2005, we brought the service to Guipúzcoa, Santander, Logroño, Oviedo and Gijón.

In 2006, Mallorca's SYP Eroski/center customers and consumers in Malaga began to benefit from the advantages offered by online purchasing and to use the channel to acquire, without leaving home and in record time, all the usual products to be found in a supermarket.

Around 7,000 articles and brands for the home are on sale on Eroski/online, a site designed to make browsing, choosing and buying products easy and intuitive. Grupo Eroski retains its bricks-and-mortar sales policy for its internet shopping channel: competitive prices and a guarantee of quality for its products and services, with special emphasis on fresh foods. Also worthy of note is the Ahorro Récord (Record Savings) group of goods, basic items in anyone's shopping cart (virtual or otherwise) but always at the lowest prices on the market.

One of the Eroski online supermarket features most appreciated by our customers is that orders are not charged until the goods are delivered to their doorsteps, once the they have agreed with the contents and signed their acceptance.

Provinces with implantation of feeding online

Cover of purchase online
2005 2006
Zones (provinces) 7 8

Aware that many customers make queries and purchases in this way, we also offer holiday and travel suggestions via the internet. Our new travel agency model allows for interactive sales and the building of made-to-measure holiday packages. For greater convenience, we also offer the online purchasing of insurance.

Bussiness online>
2005 2006 Valuation 2006
% EROSKI/online sales (on total sales supermarkets) 1,29 1,64 +0,35%

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