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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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CASE STUDY: Eroski consumer forums

One of the goals of the Eroski 2005-2008 strategic plan is to encourage consumer participation. This calls for new relationship and communication channels in addition to those already existing, so as to reinforce and revitalise them.

With the aim of incorporating consumers' input into decisions that may affect them and, in this way, make them participants in Eroski's project and values, May and June 2006 saw us carrying out the first Participation Forums.

Dedicated to compiling information on Eroski fresh foods, three aspects were analysed, with the following opinions and responses:

Opinions and responses concerning EROSKI fresh products
Consumers' opinions EROSKI's response
Product variety Better variety of fresh products, especially in the EROSKI Natur line. More promotion of local products. In 2006, EROSKI launched new EROSKI Natur fresh products in the meat, fruit and prepared meat sections. We also introduced a new range of gluten-free products for celiacs and a new selection of Solución fresh products.
Sales method Better variety of packaging (sizes and types) and more attention given to product cuts, for both fish and meat EROSKI has added new sales formats for its products, increasing the variety of portion sizes and creating a single portion size. We have also launched a new range of product cuts for both meat and fish.
Product information Greater clarity on product labels, increasing their size and the amount of information they give EROSKI has added more information to its meat labels, featuring culinary uses and defining the cuts. We are expecting to increase the label sizes in general. The patisserie product labels are already 2 cm bigger than usual.

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