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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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      • 3.1 The Eroski shopping experience. We want to be your favourite shop

Our vocation: you

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3.1 The Eroski shopping experience. We want to be your favourite shop

The Eroski shopping experience
5 core promises

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Image
  • Customer service
  • Filling

We want to be our customers' favourite store and work to meet their demands by offering value solutions and understanding their needs. Our efforts in this area are focused on developing our brand, approachability and innovation in stores and products.

Given the importance of the five core values around which we have built the Eroski shopping experience, we have, since 2004, carried out a monthly audit of items weighted to reflect the importance given to each of them in our points of sale. This provides us with our Shopping Experience Indicator (IEC) which allows us to improve service quality.

We want to be our customers' favourite store and work to meet their demands by offering value solutions and understanding their needs.

The sample is chosen on the basis of a representative selection from each region of a number of shops in proportion to the total number. To detect opportunities for individual or structural improvement, we evaluate results from five areas (general appearance, food produce, fresh food, checkouts, control, and customer service) in six sections (meats, fish, cold meat and cheeses, bakery, fruits and prepared food).

2006 saw a radical change in the audit approach, such that there is no point in making comparisons with prior years. Future reports will be able to show the progress made.

Improvement actions include the optimisation of waiting times in queues, a change in computer systems and supports and a broadening of the range of products on offer, as noted in further detail in the store and product innovations sections.

Shopping Experience Indicator (SEI) 2006
Overall national rating (out of a max. of 10) 8,62

Added services

To help with organising the family's finances, the free Eroski Red Card allows holders to defer payment or obtain credit. It already has more than one million cardholders.

The Eroski Red Card. To help with the planning and organisation of family finances, we offer the free Eroski Red card, which allows users to defer payment or obtain credit. Furthermore, its more than one million cardholders can obtain discounts and free financing.

The Travel Club Card. The free Travel Club Card allows holders to accumulate points that can be exchanged for gifts or trips, information that it has been possible to consult on the internet since 2005. Our customers can earn points in our food shops, petrol stations and travel offices.

The If Perfumeries Card. Additionally, customers if our If Perfumeries have their own card which allows them to benefit from significant discounts (10% on premium ranges and special offers on mass market products). More than 510,000 people benefited from this card in 2006.

The New Eroski Red Visa Card

This project has involved the conversion of the Eroski Red Card into the Eroski Red VISA card, which allows holders to make purchases not only in Eroski establishments but also in the more than 20 million establishments worldwide that accept the Visa card, in addition to being able to withdraw cash from ATMs.

The Eroski Red VISA Card provides added value for holders, in addition to existing features. As well as being a universally-usable card, the Eroski card:

  • Will remain free of charge to holders (with no initial or annual fees) with free payment by direct debit.
  • Cardholders will enjoy both an internal credit limit (within the Grupo Eroski) and another external one to facilitate deferred payments in other establishments.
  • In addition to the current payment methods for purchases within the Grupo Eroski, for external purchases, cardholders may choose between immediate, monthly or instalment payments.
  • Cardholders enjoy permanent insurance against accidents when travelling by public or private transport.

After its general launch in the second half of 2006, cardholders have given this initiative a warm welcome, with a large number of them activating the new card and using it in their day-to-day shopping.


2005 and 2006 saw the carrying out of a considerable number of transversal promotions involving joint actions by our Eroski hypermarkets and Eroski/center and Eroski/city supermarkets.

In parallel to our advertising campaigns, the "Products at 1, 2 and 3 euros" and the "second at half price" promotions had a great impact in 2005. Innovative actions included the summer "free ball" promotion in supermarkets and the "your purchase has a gift" campaign carried out in hypermarkets. Other point of sale promotional activities were also carried out, including product tasting and the handing out of discount vouchers.

2006 saw Eroski hypermarkets repeating on four occasions one of the promotions most appreciated by consumers: the "three for the price of two" offer. In our supermarkets, worthy of especial note was the sales action carried out in the summer under the Verano Redondo slogan. This consisted in rewarding customers making purchases in our supermarkets over the summer with prizes -Benetton suitcases and travel bags. By purchasing fresh and other food, customers received stamps, certain numbers of which could be exchanged for prizes. They had ten weeks to fill up their album and win one or more items (the campaign ran from the middle of July to the end of September). This promotion was carried out in the Eroski/center supermarkets, the Eroski/city self-service stores and the Aliprox franchise with great results in terms of participation and sales.

The Idea Sana Eroski (Eroski Healthy Idea)

Our commitment to consumer welfare can be seen in the Eroski Healthy Idea programme. In a friendly, approachable way, our points of sale provide expert knowledge with schools, campaigns, specialist advice and training activities covering health, leisure, food, physical exercise, wellbeing, the environment and solidarity.

The following activities are worthy of especial note:

  • Idea Sana Eroski (Eroski Healthy Idea) Magazine. A monthly publication with a circulation of 500,000 copies per issue since September 2006, this magazine benefits from contributions from experts in each field and serves as a showcase for the activities, solutions and news that we wish to inform our customers of. It is available free of charge at our outlets.
  • The Eroski Healthy Idea School. These hour-long encounters in our chain of stores allow us to provide personalised, up-close information for small groups (15 people) on food and nutrition, food handling, free time and leisure, sport and health, our natural and domestic environment, etc. 2005 saw coverage of 67 different subjects provided to 24,350 consumers. In 2006 this was expanded to 70 subjects, with greater participation than in the previous year.
  • Eroski Healthy Ideas Forums. 2005 witnessed the giving of 11 talks to the company by professional experts, providing advice on health and wellness-related matters.
  • Eroski Healthy Idea Information Campaigns. As in previous years, our Christmas Campaign has benefited from the participation of teaching experts and psychologists, who provide information on the most suitable toys. In 2005, we reached one million consumers, advised by a team of 150 professionals. These campaigns are supported with stands, collectables and leaflets.
  • The Eroski Healthy Idea Observatory. Created in 2005 due to society's increasing demand for information, with this project we study consumers' lifestyle to allow us to take actions that with allow Eroski to improve their quality of life. Specifically, it issues regular reports, which in 2005 dealt with toy consumption. In 2006, the following reports were issued: Child feeding habits, Child breakfasting habits, Physical exercise and leisure habits amongst the child population, Meat consumption habits amongst families and Toy consumption habits.

Innovation in stores

We are committed to providing our customers with a convenient, satisfactory shopping experience. To this end, in collaboration with our leading suppliers, we study purchasing habits, listen to their needs and organise, in accordance with their priorities, more welcoming and attractive presentations to create a world that both provides an easier shopping experience and saves time.

We are committed to providing our customers with a convenient, satisfactory shopping experience. We study purchasing habits and listen to their needs.

In 2005, we improved supply processes to hypermarkets, ensuring that consumers can find their favourite products and implementing an automated fresh produce order system to ensure that the selection offered is in optimal conditions. We have also installed new wireless ordering terminals and twin-lane checkouts to serve two customers at once in all our newly-opened outlets.

In supermarkets, 2005 witnessed the prioritisation of actions towards changing the existing network into line with the new model, with a broader range of food and new parking features. We have redesigned the arrangement of stores to provide more space for food and a self-service meats section. We have improved our internal processes to reduce waiting times at fish and cold meats/cheese sections and made significant investments in cold chain remodelling and safety, as detailed in Chapter 4.

The search for a more attractive environment has led us to renovate our Eroski/viajes and Forum Sport store types, with greater customer participation and more innovative products on offer. In 2006 Forum Sport implemented its new store concept, which is noteworthy for the physical separation of fashions in line with different technological universes (extreme, cycling, snow, etc.). This new store layout more efficiently conveys brand positioning, technology and price.

The new store model launched in 2005 has turned our If Perfumeries into elegant, welcoming havens tuned to customer requirements, offering a wide selection of prestigious brands. Personalised attention and additional services (beauty treatments, etc.) that some are beginning to offer are further factors that have helped the success of this promising business.

In 2006, we started on a new stage for Abac with the reopening of our store at the Boulevard Shopping Centre in Vitoria. This has served as test establishment to define its store model. Abac is a self-service establishment, but offers advice from specialist sales staff on the different product ranges available.

Product innovation

Our international alliance, Alidis, was strengthened in 2005 with the joining of Edeka, Germany's leading food distributor, and this has allowed us to offer an enriched range of products.

In 2005, innovation took the form of paying special attention to immigrants, who were offered a new money remittance service and a wide range of foods from their home countries, from Mexican cuisine to halal ranges for our Muslim customers.

Increasing interest in prepared food led us to launch new products in 2005, including Eroski gnocchi and dressed salads. 2006 saw the addition of prepared dishes such as sautéed beans with broccoli and ready-to-eat soups under the Listo label.

Our functional food line, such as dairy products with Omega 3, the flakes range, wheat germ, royal jellies, nutritional yeasts, soy and wheat biscuits, are evidence of our brand's response to customers concerned with their health.

Shampoo and hair conditioners under the Solutions brand, isotonic drinks and luxury ice creams provide examples of new products aimed at discerning consumers.

The growing interest in prepared food led us to launch nine new products in 2005, including Eroski gnocchi, dressed salads and the Eroski Listo line.

The Eroski own-brand fresh produce range has been expanded with our authentic minced meat, free from preservatives or colorants. Also worth highlighting is the extension of Eroski Natur meat products to our establishments in Galicia and the Balearic islands, thereby completing the extension of this premium meat range to all of Spain.

The last months of 2006 saw the incorporation of the first Eroski/SeleQtia luxury products, such as foie mi-cuit, cured ham and pork shoulder.

The technological range of Eroski Thorn electrical tools provides customers with the latest advances at the best prices.

Additionally, worthy of note is the extension of the Eroski own-brand range to textiles and household goods.

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