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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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      • 7.2 Health and safety. The prevention of workplace risk programme

Professional development and safety

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7.2 Health and safety. The prevention of workplace risk programme

Within the framework of our programs of prevention of labor risks in period 2005-2006 it fits to emphasize the following activities:

Program of health and labor security
2005 2006
Continuation with the Plan for the evaluation of the psycho-social risk in all the businesses of the GROUP; throughout the exercise it has been carried out in the supermarkets and supermarkets of EROSKI S.Coop., in Cenco and a commercial zone of It surpasses. In addition, in Platforms it has been realziado in the CTC-Getafe, in the PPF_Pinto and the PNA-Azuqueca. The used methodology has been developed by the Navarrese Institute of Labor Health as well as the the one of the INST. Revision of the System of Management of Prevention of Labor Risks of the GROUP.
Ergonomic studies for tasks of replacement in Feeding, box, powerboat, new cina of Trips EROSKI, Handling of traspaletas manual and mechanical and comparative model of ofi of Pickings; and several documents base for the manual manipulation of loads, weights and heights for the replacement in the feeding sections and nonfeeding or overload of muscular groups. Ergonomic studies of replacement in bazaar and islands of congealed and charcutería; putting of fruit orders and heights of the fish market edge.
Campaign in supermarkets and supermarkets to foment the use of the Individual protective equipment (EPI). Continuation with the accomplishment of the evaluation of the psycho-social risk in the platform of Malaga and ofi cinas of Trips EROSKI.
Definition of a performance specifies for those positions of the GROUP in which the loss of health due to musculoesqueléticos upheavals is more accusing than in other positions (put of orders of platforms and fish market of supermarkets and supermarkets).
Acquisition and beginning at level of Labor Health of a Computer science Tool for the Management of the Prevention.

Annual performance evaluations of more than 90% of the workforce have allows us to gauge the success of our training and skills improvement efforts.

Prevention of labor risks in EROSKI
2005 2006
Inspection received* 43 32
Hours of formation 23.307 31.824
Formed people** 7.886 12.212

* Data that correspond with them inspection of Dagesa, EROSKI S.Coop., Eisa/Equifasa, Surpass, Udama Andalusia, Trips EROSKI and Vegalsa, for 2005. In addition, they include Cenco and Dapragel for 2006.

** The data talk about Dagesa, EROSKI S.Coop., Eisa/Equifasa, Surpasses, Udama Andalusia, Trips EROSKI and Vegalsa, Sport Forum, Cenco and Dapragel for 2006. This effort has taken to us to diminish the accidentalidad in more than six points with respect to 2004, so and as it is in the graphs.

Sinisterness in EROSKI
Index of incidence* 2005 2006
Hipermarkets 60,85 53
Supermarkets 75,76 72
Platforms 168,23 166
Seat 1,95 3

** N.o of accidents with low x 1000/n.o workers. Data that includes the societies integrated in the Service of Joint Prevention (Cenco, Dagesa, EROSKI S. Coop., Eisa/Equifasa, Surpasses, Udama Andalusia, Velgasa).

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