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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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Society and the environment in the value chain

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5.1 Management focus

Our commitment to the environment, health and solidarity is not only applied internally. Under the umbrella of our ethical management system and ECOPLAN, we cooperate with the entire value chain through programmes aimed at consumers, customers and suppliers.

Artea environmental certification

The Eroski hypermarket in Artea has had ISO 14001 environmental certification since 2000. The monitoring of information in Artea forms the basis for estimating consumption, emissions and waste disposal in other points of sale. Additionally, it has become the test bed for environmental improvements to the sales network, acting as a pilot centre for initiatives such as those described in this and previous reports.

Internal processes

Integrated horizontally throughout the entire organisation, our environmental commitment finds material form in management programmes aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions, consumption of resources and waste production, in addition to the conservation of biodiversity.

Socially, internal management is aimed out our workers, focusing on non-discrimination policies and programmes, minority integration promotion, prevention of workplace risks, promotion of participation in the decision-making process and of employability and personal satisfaction. The results of our efforts are comprehensively covered in Chapters 6 and 7 of this report.

Consumers and customers

In addition to making available to them responsible products, as described in the preceding chapter, we wish to instil our values through a wide variety of activities managed by the Fundación Eroski and designed to inform, encourage healthy lifestyles, raise environmental awareness and promote solidarity.

The extension of environmental responsibility to society is channelled via activities in the points of sale themselves, such as talks by experts and campaigns supported by stands, collectables and brochures. The actions go beyond our customers to consumers at large by means of news channels on the internet and those aimed at Fundación Eroski member-friends.

The extension of environmental responsibility to society as a whole is carried out via activities in the points of sale themselves with campaigns supported by stands.

Our suppliers

We establish agreements with trades union and product manufacturers that promote progress at a local and regional level. Additionally, we have internal policies aimed at achieving socially-responsible practices designed to support human rights, solidarity and respect for the environment.

The requirement for certification of the legal and sustainable sourcing of products is a growing trend we share with Intercoop, the international non-food purchasing platform. Before being registered as such, suppliers are sent the code of conduct, which contains these principles and which is subject to audits. This task, designed and managed by the Ethics Committee, covers not only own-brand ranges but also the entire purchasing centre.

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