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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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Society and the environment in the value chain

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5.3 Raising customer and consumer awareness

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5.3.1 Campaigns activities and initiatives

The direct involvement of consumers allows us to combine efforts to increase both the economic impact and the repercussion of initiatives in support of environmental protection and social progress. It is as part of this belief that, with the Fundación Eroski, we carry out a wide range of activities that raise customers' awareness and provide them with information at our points of sale.

Strengthening consumer awareness
2005 2006
No. of participants in environmental awareness-raising activities 252.500 288.440
No. of participants in activities relating to healthy lifestyle habits 1.747.355 1.643.831
EROSKI Healthy Ideas Forum 2005-20066
How to teach children to love music We collaborated with the Magistralla Foundation in organizing a summer camp for young musicians
Wellbeing through reading
About citrus fruit With the involvement of chef Manolo Rincón
A story of excellence Featuring gymnast Gervasio Defer
Change your look, change your mood Featuring hairdresser Lluís Llongueras
A life in sport Featuring mountaineer Edurne Pasaban
How to prevent cholesterol With the collaboration of the Kaiku Institute for Health

To make the advice of professional experts on health and wellness more accessible to society at large, we hold talks in points of sale as part of what we call the Eroski Healthy Idea Forums.

We also carry out campaigns supported by stands, collectables and leaflets on healthy lifestyles, environmental awareness and solidarity.

Campañas Idea Sana EROSKI 2005-2006
Subject matter 2005 Comments
Food and Information Preventing obesity is an EROSKI Healthy Idea 2005-2006. As part of the campaign, in November we organized a Healthy Eating Exhibition and joined the March against Diabetes in 2005
Lamb and mutton 2005.
Eat well, eat healthily 2006. Together with the Foundation for the Development of the Mediterranean Diet (FDDM))
Promotion of reading 2005. With the collaboration of the José Manuel Lara Foundation.
Healthy Eating Exhibition, Heart Week and the World Heart Day 2006. In collaboration with the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC).
About Plants 2005. In conjunction with the Madrid Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants.
About ice-creams 2005. In conjunction with the Spanish Association of Ice-Cream Producers.
About Jerte Beer 2005. With the Control Board of the Jerte Beer Protected Designation of Origin.
Healthy Tanning 2006. With the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC), the International Optometry Centre (COI) and the first Spanish centre of Postgraduate Studies in Optometry.
Healthy sunbathing and leisure time 2005. With the collaboration of the Spanish Cancer Association. (AECC).
EROSKI Healthy Ideas with the Road to Santiago 2006. Free food bags were given out comprising water, nuts and raisins at various EROSKI shops along the Pilgrim?s Road to Santiago.
Todos.es, todos en Internet 2005. We support the Ministry of Industry?s initiative to disseminate and promote the use of the Internet.
Celiac disease, a life without gluten 2006. With the collaboration of the Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations (FACE).
Promotion of Water Therapy Together with the Spanish Water Therapy School (ENAT)
Toy Consultancy 2005-2006
Calcium and Health 2006. With the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Diseases (FHOEMO).
Olive Oil 2006. With the Olivar Foundation.
Eggs, a well-rounded foodstuff 2006. Together with Institute of Egg Research.
The Environment Safe driving habits 2005. Together with the RACC.
Cork, an organic material 2006. With the environmental organization WWF/Adena. This campaign won the Glad?or Award for raising consumers? awareness, given by EUROPA CORK.
EROSKI reusable bags 2005-2006. This bag was given out free of charge at all EROSKI stores, and sold at 15 cents once the initial stock run of 450,000 bags had been exhausted.
An environmentally-friendly summer 2005-2006. In conjunction with the Federation of Nature Education and Conservation Associations.
Saving Water 2005-2006. With WWF/Adena.
Let?s stop forest fires! 2005-2006. With WWF/Adena.
Recycling packaging 2006. With ECOEMBES
The importance of recycling 2005. With ECOVIDRIO, WWF/Adena and Asimelec.
In support of birds 2006. In conjunction with the Spanish Ornithological Society, SEO/Bird Life.
Recycling Fortnight 2006. Together with Asimlec.
Climate Change Fortnight 2006. Together with WWF/Adena.
Solidarity I support... 2005. For aid for South-East Asia.
2006. Aid for the victims of the Indonesian earthquake. In collaboration with the Red Cross.
Fair Trade Fortnight 2005-2006. With Intermón-Oxfam
Get wet for Multiple Sclerosis 2005-2006. With the Spanish Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.
25 for 2005 2005-2006.. Together with UNICEF, supporting the education of young girls in 25 Third World countries.
Fair Trade stamp 2005. With Intermon-Oxfam. 2006 Together with the Fair Trade Stamp Association
Just a little of your shopping means a lot 2005-2006. Together with the Spanish Food Bank Federation (FESBAL)

In 2005, we signed an agreement with the Foundation for the Sustainable Development of the Balearic Islands to distribute the "Green Card" amongst our customers, an initiative that combines shopping discounts with protection of the islands' natural heritage. In addition to training and informing, we provide our customers to put their ideals into practise.

Grupo Eroski's membership of the ECOTIC integrated management system allows our customers to dispose of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE), with the guarantee that they will be handed over to authorised waste management concerns who will separate reusable and recyclable components.

We also have the Plan Renove domestic appliance replacement scheme, which has led to the renewal of more than 90,000 such devices. Growing consumer concern for energy savings has been boosted by aid granted by Spain's Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Trade and autonomous community governments. Consumers thinking of purchasing a domestic appliance and wishing to take advantage of this aid can request information at Eroski hypermarkets, where they will be informed of the implementation of the aid and the steps to be taken to obtain it.

With the Fundación Eroski, we carry out a wide range of activities to inform customers and raise their awareness of environmental protection and social progress.

In practice, replacing domestic appliances in the home can be highly advantageous. If a family were to replace all its Class D (conventional) appliances for new, Class A (efficient) ones, their electricity bill would be cut by 12% a year. Washing machines save not only electricity, but water: a Class A machine would save more than 35,000 litres of water over the course of its useful life.

Also, thanks to our customers, the reusable shopping bag continues to help the environment. Hundreds of them have joined this ecological trend and take their shopping home in one, for the modest price of 15 eurocents. With it attractive, modern, colourful design, it saves up to 15 traditional bags. The bags is also made of recyclable materials and contributes to caring for our natural environment. If the bag breaks or becomes unusable, all that has to be done is to ask for a new one at Eroski hypermarkets and it will be replaced, free of charge and as often as is required.

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