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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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4.3 Integrated production. Cold chain control

Cold monitoring is essential to guarantee that products remain within the temperature ranges required to conserve all their properties. This is based on the mechanised HACCP of points of sale, truck thermographs and platform chamber cold control systems.

Cold indicators*
2005 2006
Point of sale 68 71
Distribution centre 89 89
Transport 68 70

* Figures refer to year-end

With the aim of rectifying problems and adjusting fresh product requirements, improving control systems and guaranteeing awareness for efficient and productive management, in 2005 we embarked upon an ambitious integrated control plan which involved investments in excess of 16 million euros in the renovation of facilities, technology and changes in working methods.

The provision of our trucks with GPS systems improves the cold chain by having real-time control of position and temperature.

The plan focuses on four working areas: equipment, control and improvement systems, awareness and work procedures, and covers points of sale, transportation, platforms and suppliers (the latter to be included in the future).

Important actions included the provision of our trucks with GPS systems for the optimisation of routes and loads, and improvements in the cold chain by having real-time control of position and temperature.

Investments in the cold chain
2006 2005 Increase
Investments made 10.363.00 euros 6.205.7050 euros 67%
Transversal cold chain programme. Noteworthy achievements.
Distribution centre Transport Point of sale
Equipment 2005. Adjustment of cold storage temperatures.
2006. Installation of evaporators in display cabinets
2005. Meat transported exclusively at 100% of distribution centres 2005-2006. Change of furniture and improvements to machine rooms
Control systems 2005-2006. Installation of control systems in 90% of the distribution centres 2005. Temperature recorders in 100% of lorries. GPS guidance in 6 lorries.
2006. Installation of GPS in 40% of lorries
2005-2006 Installation of control systems in 85% of sales outlets.
2006. Adaptation of facilities, installation of Cold Acquisition Units (CAU) and connection to centres.
Improved knowledge 2005. Temperature measurements at the loading bays of distribution centres.
2006. Meat temperatures monitored from reception through to the shop.
2006. Meat temperature monitored at reception from the lorry through to the shop. 2006-2007. Meat temperature monitored from reception at the shop through to the display cabinet.
Operatives 2006. Combined transport of pre-prepared meat and fruit at 2º.
2006. Ratification of the loading, unloading, pre-chilling of meat and refrigeration processes
2005. Good Practices Manual to guarantee the cold chain.
2006. Ensure correct use of Cold Chain Manual. Verify through internal and external audits.

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