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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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The best range of products

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4.1 The savings brand

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4.1.1 Our own-brand range

Ever since 1977, Eroski has been Spain's pioneering seller of own-brand products. In 2005, we changed the brand's name to Eroski and its development was one of the strategies to mark the 2005-2006 period. The decision has led to the renewal of more than 3,000 permanent food and non-food products.

We stand out for our range of fresh products, which boast a quality and presentation that make us a specialist in the field. Eroski Natur offers customers meats, fruit and vegetables with a guaranteed origin and flavour, ensuring total traceability from point of origin to point of sale. Our other brands -Romester (sporting goods), Visto Bueno (textile products) and Ecron (domestic and audiovisual appliances)- are also sold exclusively at our establishments.

EROSKI Maestro

Eroski Maestro was created in 2005 to replace the CONSUMER Maestros Jamoneros brand. It covers premium-quality products within the cold meats and cheeses section, made up of improved raw materials with a more artisanal production.

The brand includes meat products such as serrano ham cured for 14 months, slow-cooked ham, Salamanca chorizo, Teruel cured pork shoulder, natural roast turkey breast and the recently-incorporated salchichón cular sausage. 2006 saw the adding of cheeses of a single milk type, such as log of goat cheese, semi-cured goat and semi-cured sheep's' cheeses, as well as cheeses with more qualified blends with different curing types: semi-cured, cured and aged.

Number of own-brand products
2004 2005 Variation in 2006
Food 865 889 2,7%
Electrical appliances
Fresh products
1.972 2.262 14,7%
Textiles 934 304 -67%

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