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Memory Social Responsibility 2005-2006 EROSKI FOUNDATION

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The challenges of a different kind of company

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1.1 Our business model

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1.1.1 Culture and identity

A business model...

  • ... that is concerned for the consumer and is a point of reference for useful information for everyday life.
  • ... in which consumers and workers are members of the project and play a leading role in the company's organisation and management.
  • ... which integrates people and encourages their personal and professional development.
  • ... that seeks to obtain profits that allow it achieve wealth-generating growth, to distribute them, with a commitment to solidarity with members, workers and the community.

At GRUPO EROSKI, economic and social affairs come together in perfect harmony. This definition is part of its business mission and provides the group with a completely unique profile.

Lying behind this declaration of the principles which shape how we work is the cooperative nature of the Grupo Eroski. The group's top governing body is made up of workers and consumers, representing the owners. The result' The decisions that it reaches take account of the interests of all, transcending the normal relations between company, workers and customers.

We look to provide quality at competitive prices and wish to stand out for our impeccable, family-friendly, modern stores that provide practical solutions. Additionally, our products and activities give concrete form to our commitment to promoting healthy consumption and lifestyles.

We consider ourselves to be responsible members of the community and so, in addition to defending consumers' interests, we promote initiatives in support of environmental protection, consumer information and charitable causes. Each year, we set aside 10% of profits for these initiatives, part of which are managed by the FUNDACIÓN EROSKI, our charitable foundation.

Our mission

Every year, 10% of our profits go to protecting the environment, consumer information and charitable causes.

We are a fast-moving consumer goods and services distribution group. As examples of our social responsibility, we look to:

  • Deliver solutions that satisfy our customers through permanent innovation.
  • Create a business project and model that brings people together.
  • Promote workers' personal and professional development.
  • Obtain positions of leadership in the Spanish market.
  • Earn profits to create growth that generates wealth.
  • Distribute the results within a framework of cooperation and participation in the company.
  • Commit ourselves to the defence of consumer rights.
  • Promote respect for and management that helps the environment.
  • Contribute to improving the communities in which we work.

Our values

  • Cooperation. We, the workers, own and lead the company.
  • Participation. The workers have a stake in the capital, management and results.
  • Social responsibility. Our activities have an impact upon our immediate environment, in whose improvement we feel closely implicated.
  • Innovation. Permanent renewal and the constant search for new options are necessary preconditions for business progress.
  • Consumer value. Defence of consumer health and safety through our products and the provision of information.

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